VDF flooring

VDF Flooring

VDF ( Vacuum Dewatered Flooring) is the most common option preferred by the people. The primary objective to use this method is to dewater the concrete by a vacuum process. You may be worried about surplus water in the concrete, as it affects the quality. In this method, the extra water would get removed from the concrete and make the cement ratio to an optimum level. BiswasRaj Flooring Solutions take-up the role of providing complete information regarding suitable flooring methods.

Trus screed

Trus Screed Flooring

Truss Screed Flooring is the option that will do with extended construction joints. Also, this option is termed as the cost-effective flooring and it offers a better level of tolerance. This time-saving flooring option was loved by most customers and our team is always ready to help you in all instances. Reach our team with your needs and we will do it for you at the affordable price.

laser screed

Laser screed Flooring

Laser Screed Flooring is the best suitable option for industrial and warehouse flooring. Also, it is named as a high quality and cost-effective flooring services. BiswasRaj Flooring Solutions is there to help you to install the flooring at a considerable service charge. When required, our team will also be there to repair the existing floors.

Hi tolerance flooring

High Tolerance Flooring (Super Flat floor, FM1 & FM2 Floors as per international standards)

High Tolerance Flooring option can fit for all purposes. The technicians will follow pre-pour and post-install surveying methods to install your flooring. The team has the experience of installing this high tolerance concrete floors. Reach us and speak with our team to get a complete clearance about the flooring option.

floor finishing

Joint Less Flooring

Wished to install flooring with less maintenance, then this would be the best option. The joints in the flooring are the biggest reason for the problems in future. Hence, this option would get back from those common issues. BiswasRaj Flooring Solutions has many years of experience in installing and repairing this flooring.


Concrete Densification & Dust Proofing

BiswasRaj Flooring Solutions has always been offering an innovative solution to its customers. The team is looking to implement many advanced technologies to help customers. Concrete Densification is environment-friendly.


Epoxy & PU Flooring

PU (Polyurethane) and Epoxy floors are the two most commonly used types of industrial floors. The expert team of BiswasRaj Flooring Solutions is there to assist you in meeting your needs. Whether your request is to install or to repair, the team is ready to accept your request.

floor finishing

Floor Repair & Re- Filling Work

BiswasRaj Flooring Solutions has many teams working independently under different service options. Whenever the customers experienced any problem in their existing floor, they can get the top-rated repair services from our end. The team will also assist the customers in the Re-filling works. Come with your needs and get the appropriate service here.

Water Proofing

Are you getting worried about the leaky roofs? The waterproof roofing option can help you to fix this issue. The team will analyze the leakage part and make the best waterproofing services. Our team has a huge team. We are here to fix all kinds of water leakage problems.