Box Type Waterproofing

Box Type Waterproofing as a kotastone and red sand stone. We are doing kota stone and red sand stone at basement battom and retaining wall and UG tank.

APP Membrane Polyester and Fibre Thickness

APP membrane polyster and fibre thickness 1.5mm to 5mm, we are doing APP membrane at terrance, podium slab terrarce garden etc.

Polymer Base Cementitious Membrane with Fibre Mesh

we are doing polymer modidied cementitius membrane at sunken portion on toilet and planter , over head tank and UG tank etc.

Cement Grouting

we are doing cementitius injection grouting at RCC raft and RCC wall of external And internal side.

PU/Epoxy Injection Grouting

We are doing PU/Epoxy injection grouting at RCC wall & Raft at water tank etc.

PU Coating Membrane

We are doing pu coating membrane at terrace podium slab, Terrance gerden, bottom and wall of water tank and swiming pool.

EPDM Membrane

We are doing EPDM mebrane at terrace garden, parking and basement, battom. and wall.

PVC Membrane

We are doing PVC mebrane at parking garden swiming pool.

Crystalline Coating

We are doing crystline coating at tarrace , terrace garden and basment wall and battom etc.

Tissue paper/Aluminium foil and Tarfelt of Bitumenious item

We are doing Bitumenious work at terrace, terrace garden, parking, podium slab, etc.

Pressure Gunitting Work

We are doing pressure gunitting at basement bottom and retaining wall and strenthing of columns also.

Light Weight Concrete

We are doing foam concrete ( light weight concrete at sunken portion filling ,terrace for insulation purpose.